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Younis Edwan 64 cm Shortest man claimant, is said to be 25 inches (64 cm) tall.(Jordan, b.1971) has claimed to be the world's shortest man at 65 cm (2 feet 1 inches), though has not been officially measured by Guinness World Records.the third Short men in the world.The shortest man in the world is Younis Edwan from Jordon. His height is 2ft 1inches or 65cm. He is a worthy successor of late Gul Muhammad from India, who was 50cm tall. Short men.

Short men: As offered to an interview to the Times Magazine, Younis Edwan declared that he is not a dwarf and he is longing for having a normal family life. He is willing to get married and he hopes to have normal children of his own. Short men.
Short men: However, in world of records, a controversy seems to be apparent as Khagendra Thapa Magar from Nepal met the media. His height is only 20 inches or 50 cm and he weighs only about 4.5 kilograms or 10 pounds. As per his family members' claim, he is the shortest man in the world. However according to Guinness World Records, this claim is not authentic as because the claimer is only about 14years of old, so it seems that he has a chance to increase in size. Guinness Records may consider the situation when he will be at his 18. Short men.

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